Sunday, 27 March 2016


Tomorrow, Easter Monday marks the hundredth anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising and the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. The Rising provided the spark which would ultimately lead to Irish Independence and is arguable the most important Irish historical event since the Irish Famine. Having studied the 1916-22 period for A- level back in the day, I have found the current media coverage to be notable with a wide range of engaging and diverse perspectives covered in the press, TV and radio.

It is refreshing to see that all the people involved and caught up in the Easter Rising are being remembered, the volunteers, the British soldiers and the civilians. The Rising was remembered with maturity, dignity and respect.

Below are a few podcasts which are well worth a listen if you like me, have an interest in the period.

BBC Radio 4 - The Easter Raising 1916

BBC Radio 4 - Start the Week The Easter Raising 100 Years On.

News Talk - Maire Nic Shiubhlaigh: Abbey actress & 1916 rebel

News Talk - Easter 1916 through British eyes

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