Saturday, 6 January 2018



With the completion of our EASTFRONT II campaign Al and I broke out Sekigahara. This is our go to game when we want to get something to the table which requires no prep and can be finished in a sitting. Like ones favourite armchair it is both comfortable and familiar. Like a look over the cliffs edge it is anxiety inducing and dread arousing, with the ever present threat of the loyalty cards.

I made a stab to take Osaka during the early stages in an attempt to steal a win early doors. While I was victorious in the battle outside the city Als survivors scarpered to the castle and a siege got me to within one block of victory. All was in vain however and a counter attack by my opponent resulted in a defeat for the rebellion. With over twenty plays this title has proven to be worth ever penny of its cost. 

Next up a learning game of either "Warriors of God" or "Friedrich". The backlog of unplayed games sitting on the shelf has to be tackled.

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