Sunday, 31 July 2011


Oh dear here we go again, another project. This time 6mm WW2. At least these little bugger's will be quick to paint, I hope. Above is an example of a number of box's of 6mm figure's I acquired on eBay last week. Below are a few pic's of my first paint job, a German Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf J with side skirts.

When will this addiction end, oh when will this accursed sickness leave me.


Dale said...

I already have WW II in 15mm and 28mm, yet I too think about using 6mm! Curses, those look good! :^)

Will you be usling Adler 6mm for the infantry?

Declan said...

Dale I got a load off stuff from ebay all Heroics and Ross. So infantry will be H&R. Had a look at GHQ tanks, the best figs at this scale but a bit dear.