Sunday, 20 November 2011


Evening, don't you just love it when you get inspired by another project. Well I do and I have. This time its 25mm plastic Valiant WWII German and American plastic infantry.  The plan is to paint enough of these little gentlemen to play Memoir 44 with my nephew, who visits from Germany at Christmas. The war will not be over by Christmas, but just beginning in fact.

I have prepped a few of the Germans and painted a test figure to seen what they looked like. What a joy they are to dress, I have painted a lot of 10mm figure's recently and going up the scale has been a real treat.

Figure's are based on 2 pence coin's, sprayed black then painted and a coat of matt varnish applied. 


Conrad Kinch said...

Looking good - the Valiant stuff is nice, but it just doesn't fit with anything else.

Ross said...

Was thinking about doing this myself actually, but maybe with 20mm or smaller. I'm hopefully picking up Memoir '44 for Christmas and was thinking it would be a nice little project. Haven't done any WWII stuff in ages.

decb said...

Going to use tanks from the old 70's Tank Commander game.

arthur said...

Must show you my Valiant figures and get them used this year with Memoir 44. The Waterloo photos C and C came out well, good hard game.