Wednesday, 26 October 2011


We interrupt normal transmission, for a word from the wife.

Not quite sure why I am writing this note but anyhow - have just read Dec's account of his gaming night and it makes about as much sense to me as the rules for rugby! Nevertheless I do enjoy his enthusiasm for the game and it always puts him in a good mood - so I am all for that.

I popped into the loft with the kids last night, to see what was going on - Dave had time for a chat but everyone else was so lost in whatever was going on, that me and the kids felt like gate crashers at the party.

Dec's war game friends are a motley but lovable crew - perhaps strange on first encounter but when you look below the weird surface of the war gamer, and their own language, you can find really interesting and intriguing individuals who have a real passion for their hobbies and a great awareness of world history.

So what ever turns you lot on, weirdo's!

The Wife.


decb said...

She who must be obeyed

Ross said...

Ha ha very good. Yes it was super intense :/

Should join in next time!

Reg said...

Wierdos ! Where ?
I didn't see any wierd....oh,
wait a minute..

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