Saturday, 4 May 2013


Enough already. Who's been a busy boy then.

My game shelf groans with unplayed games. Time to release these little beauties on to the table top where they belong. I have been in the acquire phase of my hobbie recently, making additions to my collection with purchases like "Mice and Mystics" as well as "Sherlock Holmes - The Consulting Detective". This I have played once with a friends copy but have yet to get my version air time. The good wife and her friend are keen to play this murder mystery so thats always a plus point as it introduces non gamers to our wonderful hobbie.                                   

"Strike of the Eagle" has been purchased from fellow Ulster man Geoff via Borad Game Geeks Market Place as has "Julius Caesar" from Yorkshires finest Stu.  I have also been trading games, swapping "Small World", a game I never really took to, with Sid in Edinburgh for "Stone Age", an enjoyable worker placement euro. I have swapped German game "Fluch der Mumie (Curse of the Mummy)" for "Virgin Queen" with another local boy Peter, a very generous trader in Greyabby. This is the meatest of the stack and one I look forward to playing but possibly the hardest to get to the table for time and depth reasons. This game according to reviews rewards, like many good games, the time and effort invested in learning and playing it.

Last but not least I have swapped my 6mm World War II German and British miniature figures, purchase over 2 years ago, with fellow "Loaded Dice" member Glen for a copy of "Conflict of Heroes -Awakening the Bear", First Edition. A game I have already played twice and one which has got legs (to run and run) with the tempting possibility of conversion to the wargame table with 20mm plasticValiant figures and Kallistra Hexon terrain. Something which I know will excite fellow miniature wargamer Arthur.

So its time to get the head down and game like its 1999, or something like that.

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