Thursday, 21 July 2011


“To the Victor the Spoils and the Vanquished the Flight” 
 Lord  Charles Breenington

Recently I crossed the border and played a couple of games of C&C Naps with gamer buddy Arthur, AKA Napoleon of the West. We played the scenario Rolica Part 2.

In the first game I played the British. Starting well I nabbed a few banners and forced the French from my right flank with my Portuguese Allies. This bright dawn foundered against a re energised French enemy on the heights in the centre. It came down to a shoot out between Arthur’s one stand of French Light cavalry and my single stand of Line Infantry and Office in Square. With one die he failed to administer the coup de grace, an action I greedily accepted and applied with my only available command card and two die. A dejected French commander shook hands cursed the gods of war, the dice, the weather etc etc and was last seen muttering obscenities on the road back to Paris. He would later have to fully explain himself to a disappointed Emperor.

The cheer’s of the few remaining Line troops, according to the Officer commanding a Charles Breenington, “could have been heard in London”. Sir Charles would later modestly accept titles and decorations from a grateful British Crown.

Game two I played as the French and had another splendid victory. After going on the offensive from the start, I drove the Portuguese on the left wing from the field. The heights in the centre were held in the face of a determined British attack coming in from the right. This assault was repulsed after it had almost overrun the valiant foot Artillery, who at one stage had prepared to spike their precious guns. The retreating Highlanders were caught in the rear as they fled the field. It would take a new generation of Scots to rebuild this famous regiment.

All in all another great days gaming. In order for full and open disclosure I had better declare that this was Arthur's first run out at C&C Naps. Having read this totally impartial retelling of the actions, I think it is highly unlikely that I shall have it all my own way when we next cross swords. Never mind as Lord Charles declared, to the victor the spoils. God save the King/ Vie Va la Emperor.

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The General said...

Yes indeed two close games and much fun. Found the Nap. C&C a really good system. All I can say for now is there will be other fields of glory. Long live France. arthur