Tuesday, 5 August 2014


I stumbled across a few photos from the start of the year and decided to stick them on the blog. They are taken during a C&C Napoleonic Spanish game between Arthur, a self declared Spanish Nappy nut, and my good self.  All I can remember about the clash is that Arthur held the highs and my French troops paid a high price in trying to take them. Also remember that the Spanish guerilla rule was great fun and quite annoying to play against.

 Must get another game of this in soon.


Conrad Kinch said...

Good work that man. 10mm on Kallistra?

decb said...

Yep 10mm with Kalistra, we have got good value out of our hexon terrain tiles. A tad expensive but one of my best buys.

Unknown said...

The figurers are 15mm mainly Minifigs. I do have a lot of 10 mm French and Russians but they are based for Nap. War master and do look great. Am now painting 20mm Hat Spanish for Napoleon's Battles rules. I do like 1808 Spanish uniforms. It's all a little sad