Thursday, 3 September 2015


The above games are on my to do list. They have been purchased or traded for, over the last number of weeks. "Good Cop Bad Cop" is a filler which I bought in a games shop in Berlin, Germany. "Popular Front Escalation" is an expansion for "Popular Front", which I also acquired in Berlin. "Victory in Europe","CIA v KGB" and "No Peace without Spain" have been trade acquisitions.

I'm a great man for buying new games or trading for new to me games and not getting them to the table. Part of the reason is finding the time to learn the rules and the other is finding someone who is willing to go on that journey, to take that learning curve journey and become familiar with a new game. Being a bit of a magpie gamer I am always looking for the shiney new acquisition, it is, I realise, a thirst which can never be quenched, a bottomless pit and a right pain in the ass for gamer buddies who often find another new game placed on the table before them.

Hi my name is "Declan and I am a board game addict"


Conrad Kinch said...

Thank you for sharing Declan and welcome to Boardgamers anonymous.

decb said...

Tee Hee Hee, one little board game can't hurt, can it.