Friday, 16 January 2015


If you haven't seen any of HAMTAG's (Half as Much Twice As Good) - Youtube videos, then do yourself a favour and watch Bart, Greg and Judd discuss wargames. In their latest video, they chat about their most anticipated games of 2015.

My top 5 most anticipated game for 2015 including reprints (cheating I know) are, in no particular order;

  • A Victory Lost:  Reprint of the chit pull classic from MMP, East Front, WWII, hex and counter.

  • Hands in the Sea: Deck building wargame on the First Punic War.

  • HoldFast Korea: Worthington games follow up to Holdfast Russia. Light, simple, fun.

  • Victory in Europe: Columbia games block wargame set in the European theatre during WWII.

  • Warriors of Japan: Grand daddy to "Warriors of God" and re implements Japaneses game Taiheiki.

I am looking forward to getting some of this cardboard goodness into my grubby little hands in 2015. The piggy bank will have to be introduced to Mr Hammer.

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