Sunday, 27 March 2011


I have been playing a lot of Commands and Colors Ancients this past year. C&C is a hex based, card driven, board wargame designed by Richard Borg and published by GMT Games. It is based on Borg's Command & Colors system which includes games such as Commands & Colors Napoleonic's, Memoir '44 and Battle Cry.

I have converted the boardgame to the tabletop and used my 10mm miniature Successor Army on Kallistra hex terrain. Units are arranged on the board according to maps and scenario descriptions. Players are dealt a number of command cards equal to their "command value" for the chosen scenario. A great site which provides a huge selection of rule's, maps, tips and advice can be found at:


Mike B said...

That is a great looking miniatures version of the classic!

decb said...

Thanks Mike, been a while sine I played CCA. The CCA Epic version is nearing GMT's P500 threshold for a reprint, look forward to that and it will trigger a return to this classic.