Sunday, 31 March 2013


As you may or may not be aware yesterday was International TableTop Day . I was luck enough to get an invite by Steve to his pad for some geek time. It proved to be EUROTASTIC as we got stuck into two games which are currently in the geeks top 10. Puerto Rico at four and Power Grid at seven.

First we played Pureto Rico. Like many good games Puerto Rico has a strong timing and resource management component combined with a range of strategic options to achieving victory. I have played it a number of times now and had a roller coaster ride trying to maximise each and ever move, great fun.

To end the night I broke open my new copy of Power Grid. As I had done little or no prep for teaching the game before hand I was a bit worried it was going to be tad messy to teach. Their was nothing to worry about as the guys, being veteran gamers, after a round more or less had the rules down. It should be said however that for those who are new to the hobbie the game play mechanics might seem a little overwhelming.

Power Grid is a well balanced, well implemented euro. The game is best with four, five, or six players. The planning that has to be done and how those plans can be changed and swayed by the  machinations
of your opponents makes this a game that I will definitely be getting to the table again shortly.

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