Sunday, 14 April 2013


I thought I would ask my good lady wife to comment on gaming widow ism. Here is the result. I reserve the right to edit the following comments where necessary, don't tell the misses.

I like nothing better than seeing my tall, youthful, beautiful husband ( this section has not been edited ) head off for a few hours gaming. When I say a few hours it could be from 10am to 2pm. When Dec first told me he had an interest in gaming I was not quite sure what exactly he meant - adult gaming perhaps, all sounded a little bit suspect to me! I soon realised that it involved grown men sitting around a table for hours on end planning, plotting, spinning dice and showing their competitive sides.

Slowly I began to see the enjoyment which Dec gets from his gaming - but he does spend hours and I mean hours researching his games.  He is either on the Internet watching game reviews or listening to podcasts, nerd. Dec has introduced the kids to family games, they love the games Dec has got for them and playing them is a great family bonding session, plus a great laugh just to see Decs face when his five year old beats him!!

Every man needs a passion, once this was me but sadly I realise I am the second passion in Decs life now!

No dear that's just not fair, you are about joined tenth behind me miniature's, me card games, me boardgames .........  I need to get out more!

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