Thursday, 22 March 2012


Always wondered what all this vassal malarkey was about. Well tonight I took the plunge and got in an online game of Commands & Colors Ancients. Thanks to the help and a tutorial from a kind gentleman from the US of A called Sam, we played the Battle of Akragas. A top man is Sam, he has been wargaming  from 1973.  Respect due, gaming from before I was even born, well nearly. This was great great fun. So don't just wonder, do it get online. This online gaming thing is something I will be doing a lot off me thinks.

 PS.. don't tell the wife I might not be seeing her for a while, I'm in enough trouble as it is.


MiniMike said...

Cool, never heard about this..I check this out

Declan said...

Maybe we could hook up at some stage MiniMike

Reg said...

OK I'll bite!

Off to download the stuff


Dale said...

Yeah, I play some board games more on Vassal than face to face. I even have some where I never played the actual board game, just the one on Vassal!

Declan said...

Dale plan to have a go at a few more games online. A few acres of snow, C&C Naps for example.