Thursday, 15 December 2016

KURSK "43".

 Decisions, decisions.

I just spend a wonderful days gaming with fellow grognard Arthur. We got stuck into a learning game of the Kursk scenario from Columbia games "Eastfront II". The rules are tight with no ambiguity and run to twenty four pages . We covered everything except paratroops, sea movement and breakthroughs in our game. Sadly we didn't get to explore the joys of pocketing or the terrors of blitz exploitation, so very little experience yet of the supply rules. Its early days but the timing of blitz's would appear to be very important as would the ability to maintain any breakouts with sufficient HQ support.

Marshal Bray ponders his options.

Can't wait to get this one to the table again and try new stratagems. The ultimate goal is to play the full campaign from Barbarossa to the fall of Berlin. A welcome break from some of the lighter fair I have been playing recently. 


Anonymous said...

It's good game, a good system, some playable tactics

decb said...

Yep agree, plenty off meat on the bone. Enjoyed your site by the way. Nice to see what fellow grogrnards are at on distant shores.