Friday, 9 December 2016


Cover art Eastfront II.

I have been after a copy of Eastfront II for sometime, it has been my grail game. I had been watching ebay and the geek for quite a while to try and acquire a used copy, all to no avail. Finally I decided to purchase the game new but it was unavailable in most UK stockists and it required a little searching to eventually locate a copy. 

I played the first edition a few years ago at Qcon and enjoyed the experience, even if I had my rear handed to me by David my opponent, who kindly taught me the game. I have printed player aids, additional copies of the rules and even made additional chits for blitz, river crossings etc. 

Eastfront map in all its glory.

After reading the rules a couple of times I have set up and played the Edelweiss scenario solo, which is recommended for the newbie. Tonight I set up the Kursk scenario and Arthur is coming over on Monday for a learning game. All is now ready, start up those Panzer engines, prepare those katyusha rockets, the biggest tank battle in history is just about to begin.

Edelweiss scenario from the Russian perspective.


Conrad Kinch said...

There's always something wonderful about locating one of your grail games isn't there?
Well done and I wish you joy of your purchase.

Declan said...

Thanks Conrad, but as always the next bright and shiny has already caught my attention.