Monday, 25 April 2016


W1815 ready to play.

I recently acquired the folio game "W1815". It can best be described as a quick and simple war-game filler, a light strategy game, depicting the famous Belgium battle of Waterloo. The art work and map by Finish company "U&P Games" captures the period feel and the components are of a good standard. It has crossed my mind to replace the wooden units with the plastic cavalry, infantry and artillery pieces from the old Parker game "Risk". The only little quibble I have is that the text on the cards is rather small for ageing grognards eyes. 

The game abstractly simulates the major decisions for the Allies and French during the battle and the roll of a D6 resolves the various actions available to each side on their command cards. Yes there is luck, but that is the case in most light games  As the game\battle develops one cannot fail to ignore the grinding attrition of men and moral as the tension is ratcheted ever upwards. In a recent game I found myself muttering the words "Give me night or give me Blucher," needless to say he failed to arrive in force and the Frenches broke my center and lunched in Brussels. 

All in all, W1815 is a less common wargame filler worth having in the collection for those occasions when a couple of gentlemen are between wickets or waiting on the rest of the team to show.

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