Sunday, 14 February 2016


A few games on the radar for 2016.

Warriors of Japan : Just published by MMP in the last few weeks and due in the shops shortly. A follow up to "Warriors of God" and re implements Japaneses game "Taiheiki". One disappointment is that the art work used is from a later period in Japanese history than the period the game is set in. 

Time of Crisis :  GMT's  "Time in Crisis". A 2-4 player game set in the 3rd century Roman Empire. Each player takes a Roman dynastie wielding influence among the military, senate and people for control and power. Photo above from BGG.

HoldFast North Africa: Love the box art on this one. I owned "HoldFast Russia",the first release from this series and skipped on "HoldFast Korea" the second release following poor reviews. I  did enjoyed "HoldFast Russia" initially but it didn't have the depth to keep my attention and it got traded. Looking forward to the North Africa version and hope it can hit the sweet spot. 

Fields of Despair : A WW1 block wargame by GMT, looks to have some interesting mechanics. What's not to like about air and artillery assets to assist you break the stalemate. It has made the cut in GMT's P500 and is at the art  and final development stage.

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