Thursday, 19 September 2013


Its birthday time again and my wife has kindly purchase Andean Abyss via the geeks market place.

Andean Abyss takes 1 to 4 players into  a struggle for control of Colombia:
involving guerrillas, police, kidnapping, drug wars, military sweeps and terror. Each of four factions the Government,  FARC, ANC and drug cartels each deploys distinct capabilities and tactics to influence and achieve differing goals.

What attracted me to this game was that it could be played by four players while also having a fully-developed solitaire variant. The design is the first of several in what GMT Games call their “COIN Series.” A Distant Plain (an Afghanistan conflict simulation)  Cuba Libre (a game of the 1957-58 Cuban revolution) and the fourth game in the series focusing on the Vietnam war, Fire in the Lake.

You can check out Hello Gregor's you tube review of Andean Abyss below.

I have a number of other wargames on my want list. Including Maria, a game based on the War of the Austrian Succession.

Sekigahara: The unification of Japan: The second edition has just been released. It is a low-complexity three-hour block wargame by GMT based on Tokugawa's campaign in 1600 which unify Japan.

I have also been coveting the classic Paths of Glory which is in its fifth edition. Again by GMT, this grand strategy World War I card-driven game is highly rated. Decisions , decisions.

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