Sunday, 17 February 2013


The "War Room's" inaugural opening day kicked off on Saturday with a range of table top games being played.  Arthur and Dave played a Commands and Colors Napoleonic break through battle -Vimiero. As always the game looks great when played on the double sized hex terrain.

My self and Al played the Ancient version of Commands and Colors and the battle of Panion. Sadly I got a spanking and the now familiar bitter taste in the mouth feeling. The scenario was great fun and had plenty of decisions and choices, making it an  interesting and exciting experience. I have included a few snaps of the game, see below. The pictures are not great as my kids have been toying with the settings on the camera. Hope they don't hurt the eyes to much.

Ross, Steve, Daniel, Glynn and the rest of the guys played Necromunda, X-Wing, Wings of War and Warhammer 40K. All in all the day was a good start to "The War Room" club.

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