Saturday, 11 February 2012


Rolica 1 

The regular crew got together for another game night. Myself and Napoleon of the West aka Mr Bray went head to head with C&C Naps, Rolica part 1. We played this scenario twice using plastic 1/72 scale figs. With the blues victorious on each occasion,  it was agreed that we have a little work to do on our tactics.

 The Brits starting positions.

 The French starting position.

The rest of the boys, no girls yet (although some of us men may on occasion carry on like big girls blouses after a particularly bad dice roll), played Dust. Dust is basically a souped up version of the board game risk. The guys called the game a draw after four hours,

The Dust Game Board

The night ended with Steve giving us an introduction to poker "Texas Hold Em". All in all another great evening  fun with all the regulars.


Conrad Kinch said...

Good post - I always think of Rolica as the sort of reverse Peninsular battle. The French are sitting on a hill and the British have to kick them off it.

uniteallaction said...

it's great to see so many different games being played.