Saturday, 10 December 2011


Mr Bray prepares for the battle ahead.

Last Saturday night Arthur came a calling for some wargame fun. We had a go at Memoir 44 with his Valiant figures and 1/72 scale armour. In all we played four games. This was Arthur's first time playing Memoir and my third. 

The Allies advance.

Smile if you are having fun.

Unfortunately for me Arthur's smile just got wider and wider as the night advanced. He won the first three games  before I finally picked up a win in the forth game by placing my infantry in any available towns and forests.

All in all we both agreed that Memoir left us a bit cold. It didn't quite do it for us. Very abstract and light. I think we both prefer a bit more meat to our wargames and Memoir is our least favourite Borg game. Commands and Colors Ancients as well as Napoleonic's will continue to be the go to games for this system.

Overview of the battlefield.


Dale said...

I posted an entry in my blog about the Command & Colors variants and how they differ, that you might be interested in. A big reason why Memoir '44 falls flat is the lack of battle backs, in my opinion. You might really like BattleLore too.

The table looks great.

Declan said...

Thanks for the comment Dale, have you tried Hold the Line or lost Battles