Tuesday, 3 January 2012


A grizzly veteran of the 10th legion, Caesars crack infantry, stands tense and nervous gazing on the hordes of Helvetii who are rushing forward from the trees with loud blood curling roars. These warriors had followed the Romans for days and now the time had come. As the  enemy surged forward the old veteran shouted to the new and untested amongst them to hold, hold, wait the command.

"Unleash"  and hundreds of pilum fly through the sky. Soaring to reach their peak, then begin their decent of death to the eager among the front ranks of the Helvetii. With gladius drawn the Romans advance downhill. The slaughter was great,  Romes finest gaining the upper hand forward, forward.  Boii and Tulingi tribesmen joined their brother Helvetii who have started to falter. It was no use the despised Romans keep advancing stabbing, slashing ever forward. Blood and body fluids mix, spilling onto the fertile soil. Suddenly it was over, the tribesmen fleeing in disorder, many to be cut down in the mad panic driven rush for life.

On  the edge of a forest not far away stood a tall well built Helvetii noble with greying beard and keen
eyes. Like his well armed companions he sat upon a great horse. He spat, "The ravens will feast well this day". Cursing the foreigners and uttering an oath of vengeance the warriors quickly turn their steads and disappeared into the fast fading light of the great forest.

So ended the battle of Bibrate. This game marks the half way point in the Commands and Colors Ancient Gallic War campaign between Arthur and myself. Arthur who had previously played the Romans now took charge of the Gauls. The game ended with a glorious 7-0 banners shut out for the Romans. The same result as played the other way round at the start of the campaign almost a year a go to the day. This has left me one banner up in the campaign, the first time I have taken the lead. All is yet to play for and it could go either way. But oh what fun, oh what tension and indeed at times oh what torture. Each battle bringing its own highs and lows, moments of hope which are quickly snuffed out or blossom into unexpected victory's.

Up next the Plain of Alsace, will the Gallic noble get his revenge, will the old veteran survive another battle. Will Bray rally his force's and place his boot upon the Roman throat. All will be revealed.

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