Sunday, 23 October 2011


Has it really been two months since I last updated, oh dear. Life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of one's passion.

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I sent nine hours gaming last night with eight individuals of a similar disposition. We played C&C Ancients, Epic style, the battle of Raphia to be precise. This was a Successor battle in 217BC between two of Alexanders the Greats generals. In our re fight brother faced off against brother and father against son with two sets of brothers and a father playing with and against his off spring, how cool is that. Game one ended with a victory to the Polemics 13-10 while game two ended with another victory to the Polemics 13-12. We used 20mm Hat and Zvezda plastic figs from our collection's. I have only got my plastic figs to the table once before and was delighted to find that they are ideal for C&C Ancients using Kallistra hex terrain.

With four aside EPIC C&C Ancients gives an interesting feel. With so many playing it provided issues of man and card management. Morale is also interesting as it rises and falls as the clashes ebb and flow. Sledging was widespread in our game last night with the dark arts of psychological warfare being employed to undermine and distract enemy commanders.

As a come down from these two battles I played the board game Pandemic with Dave B and Mike until 4am in the morning. It seemed like a good idea at the time, less so when the kids were on the rampage four hours latter. Pandemic is a fast play co-op game where the players must work together to destroy diseases before they over take the world. A good fun gateway game.

Thanks to the crew Arthur, Dave B, Mike, bros Peter & Ross and its a family affair bros Glynn, Rhodri and daddy Glen. Special thanks to Ross for additional photographs.

What next, possible Memoire 44 overlord.


Reg said...

An Epic game on an Epic evening!
The battles played very well and with so many players the time flies in.
Thanks for hosting the event and roll on the next one.

Ross said...

Yes it was a great evening. The games ran brilliantly and even with an odd number of people no-one missed out on the fun. Looking forward to the next one!