Sunday, 21 June 2009


A few club members traveled to county Kildare this weekend to participate in the Ambush Alley Ireland day. We had a great day out, when I got home at 12pm that night howerever I did feel like the models above, shattered. A big thanks to Thomas, Cyril, Skip, Brian and Ruardhi of the Newbridge wargames club who hosted the event. Special thanks to Piers,Skip and Cyril for running the games.

Their were two Ambush Alley games, one set in Afghanistan, one in Iraq and a couple of demos of Ambush Valley (Vietnam version of Ambush Alley) at the event. It really was a fun day out, I hope to post a few picture's on the blog over the next week or two.

The guys in Kildare have a great forum which can be found at:

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Donogh said...

Great to meet up with you guys. Had an absolute blast. I've posted the first AAR over on my blog as well.