Wednesday, 31 December 2014


I had made a resolution back in January to try and play twelve new war games this year. Here is how I got on.

January -                  Commands & Colors Napoleonics -Expansion 1 Spanish Army.
Enjoyed this expansion and would play it again.

February -                Manoeuvre.
Light wargame, useful for those occasions when you fancy something that won't hurt the grey matter.                                    

March -                     1812: Invasion of Canada. 
Sold it, it wasn't the finished article that perhaps 1775- Rebellion is.

April -                       Napoleon the Waterloo Campaign. 4th Edition
A keeper, great game.

May -                         Sekigahara.
Another keeper, wonderful game.

June -                         Fading Glory

Sold, just to many rules exceptions and referring to additional rules.


August -                      HoldFast Russia
Excellent WWII east front game, love it.


October-                     Memoir 44 D-Day expansion
Breaths new life into the now stale base game.


December-                  Rommel in the Desert
I only have one play thus far, but plenty to delve into and enjoy.

So nine new games, or should I say nine new to me games, played over the past twelve months. 2014 has been an excellent year and hopefully 2015 can continue in that manner .While the games have been great they would be nothing without my fellow grognards who I have enjoyed sharing all the highs and lows, trills and frustrations with. Roll on 2015.

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