Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Hello, been a while since I blogged. I hope to do a bit more in the future as Santa brought a new tablet for Christmas. Yippee.

What geeky goodness have you planned for 2014?

Following a post on the geek titled "Top 100 games or top 100 wargames. Which have you played more ". In response to this question I did a quick check of the respective top 100's and realised that I had played 28 of the top 100 games on board game geek and only 9 off the top 100 wargames. So the new year resolution is quite simple - to play more wargames in 2014. The target is 12 new wargames played between the 1st of January and the 31st of December, that's one a month. I hope to do a new post for each of  the games detailing my experiences. I look forward to the challenge.

Finally a happy new year to you all. May 2014 prove to be a  fantastic year,  with more highs than lows.

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