Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Last weekend saw a bumper day of gaming at "The Loaded Dice Club". In total nine games made it to the table. Games styles ranged across a diverse set of topics including area control, back stabbing, worker placement, family, tile laying, block wargaming, card, and deduction.

Sherlock Holmes-Consulting Detective.

The past three club nights have seen new members in attendance. A big shout out to Phil, Glen, Chris, Steve, Henry, Alan, Godfrey, Jonny and Lawrence. We are always glad to see fresh blood added to the boardgame gene pool. With new members comes vitality and sustainability. The numbers have increased to such an extent that we shall have to use the main hall for meetings in the future.

El Grande.

It should also be noted that we have our first lady member, Megan who has helped bring a more civilised tone to the evenings activity. Hopefully Megan is the first of many ladies who will join our merry band.

So roll on next month and more gaming goodness.



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