Sunday, 20 January 2013


I have completed the basing for all of the 6mm British infantry troops for my Napoleonic project. I hope to have a French and British 6mm army ready for Qcon the annual Gaming & Anime Convention hosted by QUB Dragonslayers, the Queen’s University Belfast Gaming and Anime Society. This year the event takes place on the 28th June 2013. I shall be employing these little blighters in a Commands and Colors Napoleonic battle, as yet undecided.
One stand will represent a unit. As the unit degenerates I shall use a die to record the units new strength. I shall be posting additional photographs over the coming weeks. Their are a number of photos below of rifle infantry, the larger figures are Baccus. The others I'm not quite sure of. If you know drop me a comment. Double click the image for a close up.


Anonymous said...


Other figures are Heroics & Ros. They are Bavarian j├Ągers (reference MGN4).

decb said...

Thanks for the info, will have to proxy them as rifles. Got the figs already painted in trade so was not sure of the supplier or range.