Monday, 24 September 2012


Noticed that a few gamer blogs have been doing the 20 questions thing. So I decided why not give my two pence worth.

1. Favourite Period.

The Ancient era. But not those bloody Romans, what did the Romans ever do for us.

2. Next Period Money No Object.

SYW or English Civil War in 10mm.

3. 5 Favourite Films.

Reservoir Dogs
Citizen Kane
The Hill
Side Ways

4. 5 Favourite TV Series.

The Sopranos
Northern Exposure
Hill Street Blues
Game of Thrones
This Life

5. Favourite Book and Author.

Nothing springs to mind, leave it with me.

6. Greatest General


7. Favourite Wargames Rules.

"Commands and Colors" System by Richard Borg.

8. Favourite Sport and Team.

Will watch almost any sport. But support Fermanagh and local club Tempo . Always remember Croke Park 2004. The roar of 80 000 fans as Fermanagh raced on to the field in the All Ireland Semi Final, sadly it all ended in tears. It always does with Fermanagh, but ohh it was marvellous.

9. A One Use Time Machine.

Go back 40 years and do it all over again, but differently.

10. Last Meal on Death Row.

A great curry.

11. Fantasy Relationship and Why?

The Wife, because she keeps an eye on the blog. My life would be short and painful.
But if forced Maggie from Northern Exposure, ahhh what a woman. My hearts a racing.

12. If Your Life Were a Movie Who Would Play You.

Gabriel Byrne.

13. Favourite Comic Book Hero.

Darkie from Darkie's Mob as seen in the comic "Battle".

14. Favourite Military Quote.

"What the  . Where did all those f**king Zulu come from". Or some thing like that.

15. Historical Destination to Visit.

Gettysburg. Normandy.

16. Biggest Wargaming Regret.

Not getting to Gaelcon in Dublin this year. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

17. Fantasy Job.

Win the lottery and host a wargame, boardgame podcaster.

18. 5 Favourite Songs.

Jeff Buckley - "Hallelujah."
The Pixes - pick any one, they are all great.
The Smiths - "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable now."
Iggy Pop - "The Passenger."
The Violent Femmes - "Blister in the Sun."

19. Favourite Wargaming Moment.

Finding the Omagh wargame club and realising that I wasn't alone. That I wasn't the only wargamer in the village. Meeting a whole new and interesting crew. Who are now gamer buddies.

20. The Miserable Git Question.

Bullying in all its many and ugly forms.

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