Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Q-con here we come. June is proving to be a great month for gaming. Our regular game night took place recently,a post to follow and Q-con takes place in Belfast on the 22-24 June. It has been over ten years since I at was last at Q-con. Its been that long that I am not sure if it was even called Q-con then.  At the minute five of the club will be attending. A few of us hope to put on a Commands & Colors Napoleonic or Ancients tabletop game using Kallistra hexon terrain with miniatures. So if you come across us why not say hello.


Unknown said...

Great news Declan. The KoffeeKlub will also be at QCON this year. It's easier for us since it is only 15 minutes drive away :) We should met up for a few games.

We are planning a Bluff tournament. And also a Game of Thrones: Second Edition Demonstration Game. Should be a great weekend


decb said...

Gary I'm on for a get together with the KoffeeKlub. Trying to work out how to contact you directly. Will be in touch.