Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Hex or not to hex that is the question? Well that was the question posed by Steve the wargamer.

He so hexed, sorry vexed me, I thought I would pen a tongue firmly in cheek retort, to my fellow blogger.

Steve poor Steve, surely all those long hours spent trying to get a conclusion to a wargame has sent you slightly round the bend. Snap out of it man, come on, snap out of it. Raise you eyes from the sand table and view the horizon. A horizon clad in earth and green coloured hex tiles.

No more hunched over the wargame table measuring and remeasuring to see if you are able to get the flanking bonus on the isolated French unit. No more fist fights or hair pulling over whether pre measuring is allowed or not. No more aligning, repositioning or shifting of the archers to gain the 2mm's needed to be within range of the enemy.

The time is now, throughout the tape measures of your enslavement and your arcane tradition's, embrace the freedom of the hex. Embrace your inner hex.


Conrad Kinch said...


No more biting back the comments when your opponent sneaks a quarter inch.

Anonymous said...

Hex forever :-)

Fabio G. Farneti from TB Line