Sunday, 21 October 2007


The year is 114AD, location Dooneen east of the Euphrates near the Parni or Parthian capital Ctesiphon. The invasion of Parthia by the Romans is led by 40 year old Gaius Davicus Octavianus and his loyal son Decimus Brutus. The Parthian's led by their great King and overlord Davpur with his loyal subject and commander Auth-trabanus take the field to repel these arrogant imperialists.

The battle lasts well over 6 hours, cataphract and horse archer via with cavalry and veteran legions. The battle is at its height when the Roman heavy cavalry managed to drive some horse archers into the positions of the Parthian King and his body guard. Attempting to slash and stab their way to freedom they are cut down, the severed head of the king is placed at the feet of Gaius Davicus.
The Parthian commander Davpur managed to escape with a sizable portion of his troops still intact. He was to size power and after many year campaigning managed to secure a treaty with Rome. Gaius Davicus Octavianus was to rule the Roman world for almost a decade, on his death he was succeed in 123AD by his son.

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