Sunday, 30 June 2013


Qcon 2013 - Saturday.  Over 2200 attendees made it to Qcon 2012. As you can tell from the photo above it was busy this year. One trader told me that more people had attended on Friday this year than all of last year.
As always Anime themed events were very popular among the devotee's, not to mention quite a few of the male gamers as well. Strange that.

Railroad Tycoon played on possibly the biggest board of any game.

 Gary Gardner from "The Koffee Klub"

 Gary Bingham from "The Koffee Klub" 

It was wonderful to finally meet up with the two G-men, Gary Bingham and Gary Gardner from "The Koffee Klub" blog. The KoffeeKlub is a bunch of board/war game aficionados and a club in only the very loosest of senses. Check out their blog.

The coolest thing about Q-con is the attendees. Its great to chat to some of them and here their stories.

Like Andrew who has recently graduated and is new to gaming.

Or proud mum Sharon with her son.

Or cool hand Frank from Leeds, a RPGer over to Qcon with his son. Something all of us with kids would love to do some day.

Even the Yanks and Jerry came together for Qcon.

Finally I spotted a game of something at the entrance of Qcon and had to ask someone what on earth was going on. That something was "Ninja". The rules of ninja are simple. In a game, players stand in a circle, and place their hands together, the player leading the game will say "Bow to your sensei". Then, the countdown begins, and each player must strike a pose. Players take turns attacking their opponents by swiping at their hands or feet, and must freeze in place once their attack is finished. Defending players may dodge if they think they will be hit, and must also freeze once the attack is finished. If a player is hit, the hand that is hit is out but the other hand is still in. When both hands have been hit the player is out and must stand back until there is one player left. The only player left is the winner.

Ninja.....Hiiiiiiii Yaaaaaaa.


Arquinsiel said...

Great to see you again there.

decb said...

Like wise Arquinsiel c u back in Belfast 2014.