Saturday, 29 June 2013


QCON Belfast 2013 has kicked off and boy what a start. It felt like more people have made it along than this time last year, definitely more boardgamers. Once again great to see familiar faces and meet old friends. The pictures are not the best sadly, as I used my phone, but they will give you a feel for some of the events taking place.

Three story Space Hulk.

Saga wargaming.

I managed to play "K2", a fun cut throat mount climber with fellow "Loaded Dice" club members Dan and Peter as well as Gary and Eunan from QUB Dragon Slayers. 

Eunan taught us "Revolution" a fast, fun bidding and bluffing romp.

Finished the gaming off with "Hey thats my fish".

Then I joined Dave, whom I meet last year at Qcon, to watch the "Friday Night Comedy Club". This was fantastic with headline act Jarred Christmas - New Zealander geek, making us all laugh our you know whats off. He was adeptly assisted by locals Lorcan McGrane and Matthew Collins and the night was compered by honorary Dragonslayer Colin Murphy. A virgin to all this geeking binge. I really hope Qcon continue to go with this next year as it was a wonderful end to Qcons opening day.

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decb said...

Dave great to see u again as well, look forward to Qcon 2014.