Sunday, 2 June 2013


I played my first game of "Julius Caesar" this evening against gamer buddy Ali. Ali came, saw and conquered. It went to the wire, with all to be decided in the last battle. Ali, as Julius, took the laurels and was later seen exsulting in victory on a chariot while triumphantly parading my sorry ass through the streets of Rome.

Julius Caesar is a card driven block wargame by Columbia Games and like its older brother "Hammer of the Scots"  uses cards to move, levy or play an event .  The theme depicts the later Roman civil wars (49-45 BC) with the forces of Caesar pitted against those of Pompey.

This is an excellent game for both the veteran gamer as well as someone new to the hobby. There is plenty to chew over, the components and map are nicely presented and the rules are quick to learn. I have to say I really enjoyed the first play. Like a lot of fun games, defeat leaves you gutted and eager for more.

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