Tuesday, 28 May 2013


" I love board games,their great. I started getting in to them a few years back and am a member of a club that was just a load of mates getting together. The club is going from strength to strength. It is a great example of the peace process in the North of Ireland. There are people there from different communities, but nobody really knows or cares which one. We are a community of gamers. There are millions of games around nowadays and a lot of them are very creative and fun to play. So try it out, if you feel like discovering something new. "

Dave a member off our club penned the above paragraph and posted it on Facebook recently. His reflection, one which I share whole heartily, correctly identified the unspoken ethos behind "The Loaded Dice" and "War Room" clubs. It is simple, we neither care what age, sex, colour or creed people are who come along to our little gatherings.  It is all about a shared experience, it is about the social interaction and joy we get from our wonderful hobby. It gives hope in a place which at times can leave one disparing at the blinkered actions and mindset of some, actions and mindsets which thankfully are on the retreat.

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