Saturday, 25 August 2012



My Commands and Colors Ancients 10mm project continues. These figures are Velites from the Magister Militum Republican Roman range. They will be used as Auxilia in my Successor armies. Four stands will represent a full strength unit. Each stand has 3 figures.

Many consider Auxilia to be one of the best light units of the Commands and Colors Ancients game. They can go toe to toe with stronger foot types in the right circumstance. Good movement, ranged fire, and lower retreat make them a dual purpose unit. However you should always be aware of their inability to evade. As this can result in costly losses if heavy infantry hit them in close combat.

I have found Auxilia placed on hills to be very powerful. In fact Auxilia on hills are as powerful as Medium and Heavies. Foot units in close combat fight with 3 dice downhill and from hill to hill. All units fight close combat with 2 dice uphill. This means that Auxilia can have a stand up fight with heavy and medium foot troops down hill from them.

Its also worth remembering that there is a greater card spread for light troops than there are for any other troop class in Commands and Colors Ancients. Therefore Auxilia are significantly more manoeuvrable than heavy or medium troop types.

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