Thursday, 26 January 2012


Don't mess with the family.

The Loaded Dice boardgame club reloaded and reformed for another nights gaming. Great to see a couple of new recruits have enlisted. As usual we played various games including Lost Battles, Fuedo, Pandemic and Family Business.

Lost in Battle.

Glen has become a big fan of Lost Battles and introduce myself and Dave Spratt or Spratt as he has become know to Lost Battles.  A wargame where tactical battles are fought on a 5 x 4 grid of terrain tiles. The game covers Ancient battles and campaigns in the Mediterranean and Near East. A campaign system comes with the box which Glen has already got under way.

A plague upon you.

Dave B brought along Feudo.  Players move their various units from their castle, around a map, capturing cities and eliminating enemies. Every turn a plague breaks out and may infect your army units. You use cards to move your army, and shillings to purchase additional movement or mercenaries.

Time is ticking.

A few of us got a couple of games of Pandemic in. A great fast play co op game. Our first attempt lasted only 10mins before the world went under. The second game lasted longer but the result was the same.

Hey Tony

Finally we all got together and played Family Business. Mob warfare at its bloodest. Backstabbing, revenge, and general bloodthirstiness, all combine to make this great fun. Every player controls a 'family' and plays various cards to kill off other players' family members.

Whom to gun down.

Cold blooded killers.

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Reg said...

Good one!
And only another week until the next meeting.