Sunday, 30 December 2012



I have been messing around recently with D.I.Y terrain. The picture above shows one of the finished bush pieces. Click on the photograph to enlarge. Its quite simple to do. All you need is:
*  Old CD case.
*  Cleaning pad \ sponge scouring pads.
*  PVA white glue.
*  Sand.
*  Fine Turf\foliage.
*  Static grass.
*  Games Workshop Scorched Brown \ Bleached Bone paint.

STEP ONE - break up the CD casing. Tear the cleaning pad apart and glue to the casing. Apply watered down PVA to the casing and sprinkle with sand, leave to dry.

STEP TWO - Paint the base brown and leave to dry. Apply watered down PVA to cleaning pad and sprinkle with fine turf and leave to dry. Once dry highlight the base with the bleached bone paint.

STEP THREE - Super glue static grass in clumps to base. Apply additional highlights if necessary to the base. Finished.

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