Sunday, 5 April 2009


C.F Wesencraft's book Practical Wargaming,

This was the book I stumbled across in my local library aged 11 or 12. It triggered an interest in wargaming which I still hold over 25 years later. The book published in the early 70's provided the reader with playable rules covering the history of warfare. I used small plastic figure's on my parents living room floor to command the armies of Lee, Hannibal, and Napoleon. I fought epic battles and bloody wars. Today I still fight such battles and like then still enjoy a fantastic hobby..


Donogh said...

This is exactly the book which started me off too. I think I had it permanently out on loan from the local library!
The one rule which has stayed with me was his using light cavalry to scout of river-fordability by means of face-down playing cards.

decb said...

I got it as a Christmas present from the good wife a few years ago. Brings back great memories.